Editorial Program 2019

February 2019

In the Spotlight: MRC Global, USA
Feature article: Corrosion
Bonus Distribution:
4C Environmental Conference Austin, TX
Reservation & material deadline: January 13th, 2019

April 2019

In the Spotlight: Raccortubi, Italy
Feature article: Offshore & Duplex
Bonus Distribution: Offshore Technology Conference Houston, TX
Reservation & material deadline: March 15th, 2019

June 2019

In the Spotlight: Ensitech, Australia
Feature article: NDT
Bonus Distribution: Offshore Technology Conference Houston, TX
Reservation & material deadline: May 17th, 2019

August 2019

In the Spotlight: Kobelco Steel Tube, Japan
Feature article: Titanium 
Bonus Distribution: Titanium USA Show TBD
Reservation & material deadline: July 19th, 2019

October 2019

In the Spotlight: Sachin Steel, USA
Feature article: Welding
Bonus Distribution:
Powergen Orlando, FL
Fabtech Atlanta, GA
Reservation & material deadline: September 15th, 2019

December 2019

In the Spotlight: Bar Stock Specialties. USA
Feature article: LNG
Reservation & material deadline: November 15th, 2019

The editorial staff reserves the right to make changes in the program in order to keep abreast of current affairs.