Kemppi: designed for welders

08 April 2021

Kemppi, a leader in the global welding market, has been through many changes during the last few years. In order for their story to portray what Kemppi is, the company has reviewed their brand story and slogan. The new slogan 'Designed for welders' crystallizes Kemppi's long lasting commitment to deliver the best possible tools for welders. 

Kemppi is proud to release their updated brand that reflects their user-centric design approach that has always been in the core of Kemppi. The company’s new slogan ‘Designed for welders’ reflects their focus on developing arc stability, welding properties and improving the welding experience of individual welders. Their comprehensive design philosophy covers the entire welding ecosystem from welders’ needs to advanced products and digital solutions, all aiming at delivering high performance and supreme weld quality. But it has never stopped there. Kemppi does their best for their products to inspire the welders and elevate their professional status with excellent user experience today and tomorrow. 

The updates to the Kemppi brand will carried out in the incrementally starting this spring. Follow Kemppi communication channels to learn more about our new brand story. 

Courtesy of Kemppi.