A fitting facility: San Jacinto’s LyondellBasell CPET

04 September 2020

San Jacinto College has served as the training leader for the petrochemical, energy and technology workforce in the greater Houston area for the past four decades, and its new LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology (CPET) is the ideal facility to gather heat transfer specialists from across the globe. 

Taking place on November 18th and 19th, the Heat Exchanger World Conference and Expo Americas 2020 will be held at the LyondellBasell CPET. In order to cater to such a wide audience of students and deliver the best education possible, the facility has everything from standard chemistry and physics laboratories, to custom laboratories where company processes can be fully simulated through an 8,000 square-foot glycol distillation unit. “This facility offers a different learning culture and a different way of doing things, with a lot of new technology,” says Jim Griffin, Associate Vice Chancellor, and Senior Vice President of the LyondellBasell Center for Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology. 

With such an innovative facility, the Heat Exchanger World Americas team is confident that attendees of the event will be in the ideal environment to learn about the most relevant heat transfer and heat exchanger topics, such as new technologies, cleaning methods, design and fabrication and more.

Visit the event website: https://www.heatexchangerexpo.com/