Sciaky 3D printing deposits large amounts during COVID

29 July 2020

Sciaky, Inc., a U.S.-based leading supplier of electron beam (EB) welding solutions and metal additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, has announced an uptick in demand for its Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) and EB welding solutions, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past two months, Sciaky has reported a dozen new projects, ranging from high-level research and development (R&D) projects to production of prototype and production parts, mostly tied to the aerospace industry. 

Of particular note, many of the EBAM metal 3D printing projects involve a wide variety of high-value materials, such as Inconel, titanium, stainless steel, niobium, and copper-nickel. In addition, the amount of material deposition is particularly high for titanium (1500 lbs. / 680 kg). Sciaky‚Äôs EBAM metal 3D printing solution is a wire-based direct energy deposition (DED) process. Wire feedstock/raw material is available in titanium, tantalum, tungsten, Inconel, niobium, nickel-copper/copper-nickel, aluminum, molybdenum, zircalloy, and stainless steel. 

Image credit: Sciaky, Inc.