A Message from Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo

17 June 2020

A Message from the Chairman: 

I am honored to be chosen as this year’s Chairman for the Managing Aging Plants USA Conference & Expo 2020. This year has proven to be increasingly difficult from falling oil prices to a global pandemic occurring simultaneously. It is not despite these challenges, but because of them, that we have decided to move forward with this conference as planned. We have established an experienced Steering Committee that is eager to help and is already in the planning process. 

In the United States, the overwhelming majority of aging plants and refineries are more than 20 years old, and in some cases, over a century. To continue running these aging plants safely and efficiently, proper management and maintenance strategies must be implemented, which can involve a number of factors and components. As the Chairman of the Managing Aging Plants USA 2020 event, it is my goal to shed a light on some of these topics that are often overlooked. Having an understanding of current standards/regulations during turnarounds and expansions are vital to the growth of our industry as a whole. For this reason, we aim to not only have producers, owners, operators, and manufacturers speak on this forum, but also invite distributors, fabricators, and contractors to participate and engage in these discussions. It is important for all areas of the industry to attend this show. By doing so, individuals will gain additional insight into environmental regulations, damage mechanisms, management and become familiar with the various inspections and maintenance strategies that are available within the industry. 

Thank you, 

Sam Davis
President and Founder
RFS Compliance Solutions