Beswick stainless steel M3 dry break quick disconnect

09 June 2020

Beswick's new dry break, "no spill", M3 quick disconnects squeezes a lot of utility and performance into a space saving package. It is designed with a smaller dead volume, which improves the level of sealing. Dry breaks are ideal for applications where leakage cannot be tolerated (e.g. liquid cooling lines around electronic components).

Ultra miniature in size, the dry break quick disconnects are machined with a M3 thread and constructed from corrosion resistant 303 stainless steel throughout. It also weighs only 5.6 grams. Similar to a double shut-off design, both the internal and external ends contain a shut-off mechanism.

If a level of sealing beyond what is provided by a double shut-off quick disconnect is required, "dry-break" quick disconnects should be specified. Fast and simple tube connections save valuable time while the M3 thread saves valuable space.

Image credit: Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.