Final phase for Amaero titanium alloy patent

08 June 2020

Amaero International Limited, a company that manufactures large format complex components in metal with laser-based additive manufacturing processes with locations in Australia and the United States, has reported that its international patent application for its high-performance titanium alloy Amalloy Beta Ti has entered its final approval stage, which is the national phase of the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT). 

The new high-performance titanium alloy, a heat treatable version of a beta titanium alloy, achieves ultra-high strength and fatigue performance via homogeneous precipitation and the removal of grain boundary alpha. In addition to Additive Manufacturing, the alloy can also be processed using a number of conventional methods for high-volume manufacturing including extrusion, forging and casting. Amaero believes the new alloy will form an important part of the company’s offering to its aviation, defense and space clients in the future.

Image credit: Amaero International Limited