Coating inspector program: NACE virtual classroom

21 May 2020

NACE is now delivering a virtual alternative to Coating Inspector Program (CIP) Level 2. Take the course anytime, anywhere! Don’t put your learning on hold due to current disruptions. Learn from home, or wherever you are, with the new CIP 2 Blended Program. Courses are led by the same trusted CIP Certified NACE instructors, only now they are done virtually. 

So what does a blended program look like? 

Part I (Virtual Classroom) of the course is provided online over a two-day period, in a virtual classroom with a live instructor. Part II (Practical Classroom) of the course is 3 days of in-person instruction, group exercises and case studies based on real-life situations and practices of a coating inspector. The in-person portion of the course will be scheduled in the future, once local health and safety departments give NACE the go ahead.

Courtesy of NACE.