DynaQuip’s pneumatic wash-down stainless steel actuator

10 April 2020

The SP Series of stainless steel pneumatic actuators from DynaQuip Controls are a great solution for wash-down applications. The electro-polish finish offers excellent resistance to most corrosive chemicals and industrial atmospheres. The actuator features a dual piston rack and pinion design for compact construction, symmetric mounting position, high-cycle life and fast operation. They are also available in double acting or spring return (fail-open or fail-closed).

 - Stainless steel fasteners for long-term corrosion resistance
 - ISO 5211 direct mounting, DIN 3337
 - NAMUR standard for mounting solenoids, limit switches and other accessories
 - Multiple bearings and guides on rack and pistons, low friction, high cycle life, and prevent shaft blowout.
 - The two independent external travel stop adjustment bolts can adjust +5° at both open and close directions.

Image credit: DynaQuip Controls