Sanitary rotary shaft seals by CinchSeal

28 January 2020

CinchSeal’s maintenance-free and self-adjusting rotary shaft seals are designed for CEMA screw conveyors and bulk solids mixing and blending equipment. The shaft seals provide a non-leaking seal between the shaft and the wall of the process equipment. They contain the bulk materials inside of the equipment, preventing any contamination or leakage. The shaft seals are proven effective in sealing ribbon blenders, paddles mixers, airlocks, and screw conveyors.

Seal housings are offered in a variety of materials, including 316L stainless steel. FDA-approved silicon and PTFE-wearable seal components make the seals sanitary and safe for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical bulk processing applications. 

The trademarked design features an internal seal assembly that spins with the shaft, eliminating shaft damage and allowing ¼-inch runout without effecting the seal capability.

Image courtesy of CinchSeal