Snap-on releases MIG225Ai for stainless welding

27 January 2020

The new Snap-On MIG225Ai is designed to help technicians weld aluminum and steel easily, and to deliver more control, accuracy, and efficiency with shorter set up and post-weld finishing times. This inverter-style, wire-feed synergic pulse MIG welder features two torches, providing a faster and smoother changeover from steel to aluminum, and welding current up to 225A.

The MIG225Ai has a standard steel torch, which allows users to weld both steel and stainless steel, while also brazing high-strength boron steel. It also features a longer push-pull torch for increased accessibility around the vehicle, two regulator-flowmeters, wheeled running gear, plus storage space for two separate gas bottles. The aluminum torch is a push-pull design, which also includes a fine current adjustment lever. 

Image courtesy of Body Shop Business