Lincoln Electric introduces stainless flux-cored wires

02 January 2020

Lincoln Electric® has introduced the UltraCore® stainless steel flux-cored, gas-shielded wires available in commonly-used austenitic grades for flat and all-positional applications. The wires are preferred by welders for the polished appearance of the weld deposits, ease of welding out-of-position, and smooth wire feeding.

Sheena Suvak, senior product manager, alloys, Lincoln Electric stated, “Flux-cored wires can provide great deposition at high wire feed speeds; given the nature of welding stainless, we knew ease of use was imperative. The UltraCore flux-cored stainless wires have a smooth arc characteristic that produces minimal spatter. The design creates an easier, out-of-position welding experience.”

Designed with the welder in mind, UltraCore stainless steel wires deliver improved weldability characteristics, including:

• Easier out-of-position welding
• Smooth arc with minimal spatter
- Polished weld bead appearance
- Reduces post-weld cleaning
• Wide operating range

The upgraded packaging includes the following:

• Precision layer wound
- Steady spool payoff
- Consistent wire feeding
• Vacuum-sealed foil bag
- Moisture-resistant package
• New larger 33 lb spool package size
- Less changeover
- More arc time

Testing indicates UltraCore wires exhibit significantly greater arc stability over the length of the weld.

Press release and image courtesy of Lincoln Electric®