BIG KAISER introduces stainless inserts

21 October 2019

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industry, has released a new set of insert grades for its indexable tools—C-Cutter Mini, C-Centering Cutter, and Fullcut Mill. The new inserts are optimized to extend tool life in stainless steel or aluminum.

Suited for peck-drilling, ramping, helical, and shoulder milling, the Fullcut Mill is now available with the PVD-coated carbide ACP300 with nanometer-level thickness and ultra-multilayered TiAIN and AICrN film, replacing the ACZ350S for general steel applications. The new ACM300F is designed specifically for stainless steel work. The ACM300F boasts high fracture and welding resistance and has demonstrated a lifespan 1.5 times of conventional inserts in testing.    

The new ACM250F stainless steel grade can be used for chamfering and spot drilling with the C-Cutter Mini or C-Centering Cutter. PVD-coated carbide with ideal smoothness, the new grade resists welding and chipping due to the ultra-multilayered thin film structure made of AlTiN and TiAlCrN. The ACM250F replaces the ACZ150 used with the C-Centering Cutter.  

The DS20 for aluminum/non-ferrous metals is available for the first time for the C-Centering Cutter. Its diamond-like DLC coating is ultra-smooth with a low wear coefficient and superior welding resistance, and effectively prevents burrs.

Press release and image courtesy of BIG KASIER