Fabrication in the world of stainless steel

16 October 2019

In his article ‘Fabrication in the world of stainless steel’, Jon Blanchard, Welding Engineer at ALS – Maverick Testing Laboratories talks about how welding stainless steels and cladding stainless on other metals has been a viable solution for many applications where corrosion-resistant structures, pressure vessels, tubing, or piping are required for service.

“Whether it is on a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, a petrochemical processing plant, a water-treatment facility, or a cryogenic tanker travelling down the highway, it is imperative that the correct understanding and applications of welding processes be implemented during product fabrication,” Blanchard writes. “Factors such as end-user applications, materials involved, environmental affects, available welding processes, joint geometries, and externally imposed requirements are all influences on a product’s performance in the field.”

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