HFT introduces PurgElite® Systems

08 August 2019

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques’® (HFT®) PurgElite® have been manufactured to achieve a clean, oxide-free, zero-colour weld, within minutes. 

“Without restricting the purge zone with an inflatable pipe the purge zone with an inflatable pipe purging system when welding stainless steel, titanium, or zirconium tube and pipes, displacing the oxygen in entire pipelines with an inert gas (usually argon), can cause a lot of wasted time and gas,” said Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT. “PurgElite® reduces argon use, and increases weld production.”

PurgElite® creates a seal on either side of the weld, is then inserted in the pipe, and positioned. When the gas flow begins, the dams inflate, and the seal inside the pipe and argon then purges the interspace automatically. 

Image courtesy of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques®