Stand-alone lump breaker features stainless steel

04 July 2019

Munson Machinery has introduced the RDC-1530-SS De-Clumper lump breaker, constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel. 

The unit de-lumps bulk materials that have agglomerated or solidified during storage or shipment, returning products to their original particle sizes and flowability.

Material entering the 15 x 30 in. infeed throat via the hopper is reduced in size by dual rotors with three-point, single-piece, stainless steel breaking heads rotating with minimum clearance inside a curved, perforated bed screen. On-size material exits through apertures in twin bed screens ranging from 1/32 to 2½ in. in diam.

Also offered in abrasion-resistant stainless steel to withstand demanding, industrial applications, the unit can be finished to food, pharmaceutical, or industrial standards.

Unlike permanently-installed units between upstream and downstream equipment, the self-standing configuration can be fed from a variety of upstream sources including handheld containers, and can straddle downstream equipment, drums, boxes, or mobile bins for processing, storage, or packaging.

Image courtesy of Powder Bulk & Solids