Hygienic machine components for sanitation and safety

06 June 2019

Elesa’s new Hygienic Design line is being described as having maximum sanitation, cleanability, using high-quality materials. The line, which includes knobs, lobe knobs, bridge handles, and leveling feed, are also characterized by having excellent corrosion resistance, and resistance to
temperatures and chemical substances as guaranteed by the materials. 

Stainless steel and blue sealing rings in polyurethane elastomer, in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, prevent dirt and contaminants from entering at the junction points between the components.

The use of components from the new Hygienic Design line allows less and shorter cleaning operations on machinery (can be up to 25% of the production time), offering some additional advantages:

• More time available for production
• Less freshwater consumption and lower wastewater and energy consumption;
• Lower total costs and saving of resources

Image courtesy of Design World