History of duplex stainless steel

06 March 2019

In the article, ‘A brief history of duplex stainless steel: From its problematic beginnings to a modern material’, the Stainless Steel World Americas editorial team looks at the background of duplex stainless steel. As they are the newest additions to the stainless steel family, having been created roughly 90 years ago and deriving their name from their dualistic composition, they were originally named ‘duplex’ because their metallurgical structure. 

“Made up of two distinct, yet approximately equal, proportions of both austenite and ferrite. This is also why these types of metals are known as the austenitic-ferric grades,” the article explains. “The duplex grades have good mechanical properties in both the as-cast, and as-welded conditions, as well as excellent corrosion resistance properties, especially when it comes to stress corrosion cracking, which can be a persistent problem across many different applications and industries.”

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Image courtesy of Cougartron