Precautions while designing stainless steel equipment

05 March 2019

In his article ‘Consider the precautions while designing solid or cladded stainless steel equipment’, Gopal Murti, Piping Engineer and Senior Consultant at The Augustus Group focuses on the design of stainless steel vessels (cladded or solid stainless steel), with emphasis on how a careful manual review of Code permitted allowable design stresses can lead to an economic and maintenance-friendly design. 

“This attains particular importance where the adjoining plant piping may be carbon steel,” he explains. “In a typical engineering company, the vessel may be designed by a pressure vessel engineer, while the adjoining piping would be designed by a typical piping engineer. The compatibility issues between the vessel and piping inter-connection often come to notice only during the final stages of design, when the vessel is to be connected to piping.” 

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Image courtesy of Spectac International