Quantifying ferrite in duplex stainless steel (Part two

08 January 2019

In this week’s article ‘Quantifying ferrite in duplex stainless steel with magnetism and searching for sigma (Part two of two)’, Ana Benz, chief engineer, IRISNDT; Brad Berglan, laboratory manager, Maverick Testing Laboratories, Inc.; William F. Newell, PE, PEng, IWE, vice president – Engineering, EUROWELD; Charles W. Patrick, director of Technical Services, Maverick Testing Laboratories, Inc.; Glenn Roemer, materials engineer, IRISNDT; Ramon Solo, metallurgist, Maverick Testing Laboratories, Inc.; Elaine Thomas, director of Metallurgy, BRADKEN Tacoma, continue to explore how duplex stainless steels (SS) have a remarkable combination of high strength and exceptional corrosion resistance.

“Cast Duplex SS is known in the foundry industry to have lower FERITSCOPE® readings when the heat treatment is faulty and sigma is present,” the group explains. “The missing ferrite percentage is replaced by less ferromagnetic sigma. Through these examinations, a CD7CuN 5 inch x 15 inch (126 mm x 381 mm x 381) test block was heat treated and purposely overheated to transform ferrite to sigma.”

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