Transducers USA introduces stainless steel Tonelight™

04 January 2019

Transducers USA, supplier of audible signal devices, has announced the addition of a stainless steel warning indicator to its Tonelight™ Series. Ideal for use in any harsh environment, this panel-mounted device gives both an audible and visual warning signal, which is especially helpful in conditions with high levels of ambient noise.

Typical applications for Tonelight include any application where environmental conditions are demanding or harsh:

Alarms of all types 
Dangerous conditions 
Liquid detector 

Tonelight allows the audible or visual alert signal to be operated separately, giving workers time to respond to visual alerts before the audible beeping begins. This feature is ideally suited where excess noise is either undesirable or hard to detect.

The Tonelight TRIP-LB100SS model, which is sealed and IP50-rated, is suited for applications such as:

On dashboards of RVs, off and on vehicular equipment, providing warning when the  contents of storage or collection tanks are either full or empty 
Industrial machines and factory floors 
Restaurant kitchens 
Mobile and portable applications 

Image courtesy of Transducers USA