Armstrong's new stainless steel pumps

16 November 2018

Armstrong Fluid Technology’s Design Envelope (DE) 4380 Vertical In-Line pumps are now available in Stainless Steel. The DE Stainless Steel Pumps are ideal for domestic water and light industrial use, and are certified for safe drinking water systems to the NSF-61 and NSF-372 standards. 

Armstrong’s new stainless steel pumps can also be used in many light industry petroleum and chemical applications, and feature the advanced Design Envelope solutions which includes DE Permanent Magnet (DEPM) motors, Parallel Sensorless Pump Control, built in Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen control and optional Pump Manager capability.

Available in six models ranging from 1 to 2 hp, and supporting performance levels from 10 to 1,185gpm flow and 10 to 75ft head, the new Stainless Steel DE pumps also features:

• Up to 70 per cent energy savings 
• Permanent magnet motors 
• Built-in Parallel Sensorless control 
• BMS connectivity
• Advanced hydraulic design with industry-leading flow efficiency
• Control algorithms that review operations constantly and adjust output
• Smaller footprint and lower total weight than traditional units

The DE 4380 pumps are designed for continuous low-pressure circulation, including water circulation, cooling towers, fountains, irrigation, spraying systems, condensate return, filtration and many other applications.

Image courtesy of Armstrong Fluid Technology