GEA sends centrifugal separation equipment to Brazil

08 October 2018

GEA has supplied centrifugal separation equipment to Suape Energia, a major power producer in Brazil. The equipment has allowed the company to process residual oil sludge from a 381.2 MW oil-fired power station to reduce disposal costs, recover water for use elsewhere in the plant, and provide clean fuel oil for sale and to run its internal heating system. The operator believes the GEA technology to be the most efficient slop oil processing plant in Brazil. Full payback on the BRL 2 million-plus investment has been achieved in just four months.

UTE Suape II is Brazil's largest oil-fired thermoelectric power plant; one of six operated by Suape Energia. It began commercial operation in January 2013. Much of Brazil’s energy comes from hydroelectric plants and a wide range of renewable energy sources. However, to meet the full power needs of its 200 million people, it is necessary to supplement the country’s power generation with nuclear, gas, coal and oil technology. Although the oil and diesel power plants were originally intended as a reserve for hydroelectric power, in times of water scarcity, they are now operated permanently to meet demand.

Image courtesy of GEA