Have-to-have hinges

27 September 2018

JW Winco’s new GN 7237 Stainless Steel Multiple-Joint Hinges with internal mounting brackets and an opening angle of 180 degrees, and are made to be installed on the inside of flaps, hatches, or compartment doors to save space. 

“Use of this hinge type leaves housing exteriors free of attachments that do not match the design or that should be avoided entirely in the interests of fast and easy cleaning,” said John M. Winkler, CEO, Office of the President of JW Winco, which is a supplier of standard industrial machine components. 

Typically stainless steel multiple-joint hinges are used in pairs, meaning one each is used per opening. These joint hinges have been manufactured to include the mounting brackets, which are mounted on the housing or the door, and an intervening seven-speed, clearance-free, self-lubricated joint mechanism. The movement, when opening, then causes the flap to first be slightly lifted, the swung by 180 degrees. 

Photo courtesy of JW Winco