New In-Situ Oxygen Analyser

01 August 2015

The HORIBA (UK) NZ-5000 is an In Situ analyser which continuously measures the concentration of O2 in process and stack gases with an exceptionally fast response and high levels of precision. The system can be used in extreme process conditions such as high dust load and aggressive or corrosive flue gas compositions. The system consists of a high quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel probe, which is inserted directly in to the process gas stream, with a separate 19-inch control unit which also comes as an optional wall mounted version. The Zirconium oxide sensor is positioned directly at the tip the probe, which is inserted into the flue gas providing a response time of approximately 0.5 s. Also, due to its design and parts used, the NZ-5000 system is virtually maintenance free and offers high reliability and accuracy (deviation of only 0.2% from the measured value).
This user friendly instruments feature an automatic calibration function, it can be combined with an electronically monitored pneumatic unit for reference air and calibration gas. The control unit can display graphs, allows storing of data and selecting of measuring ranges (0-2 % and 0-25 %) as well as setting the measurement limit and alarms. The new HORIBA NZ-5000 is a continuous analyser for the determination of O2 which can be utilised for a variety of processes including power generation, waste incineration, Iron and Steel, chemical, petrochemical, cellulose, paper, cement and glass manufacturing.