Cortec product assists with molybdate restrictions

27 August 2019

Cortec’s new, molybdate-free VpCl®-649 BD MF is a liquid formulation, which ahs been designed for long-term protection against corrosion and scale in a variety of fresh water, and glycol copper, steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum applications.

VpCl®-649 BD MF provides the same protection benefits as Cortec’s VpCl®-649, with the addition of meeting tightening restrictions of some municipal water treatment plants, and local environmental regulatory agencies that no longer allow molybdate in a plant’s effluent.

VpCI®-649 BD MF can be used to protect:

• Closed loop cooling systems in operation or layup
• Vessels and pipelines undergoing hydrostatic testing
• Casing tubing annuli filled with packer fluids
• Oil storage tanks at risk for water-bottom corrosion
• Fire extinguishing systems during dry layup

Image courtesy of Cortec