Corrosion protection in the phosphate industries

05 February 2019

The article, ‘Corrosion protection of stainless steel by organic inhibitors in phosphate industries in 15% H2SO4’, by Singh RK and Kumar R, from the Department of Chemistry at Jagdam College, J P University, discusses how the phosphate industries use sulphuric acid during the manufacturing of fertilizers, and the acid interacts with stainless steel to develop a corrosion cell, and it corrodes metal. 

“Organic inhibitors 2-(aminomethyl) phenol and 2-(aminomethyl) benzenethiol were taken for corrosion control in 15% H2SO4 medium. Inhibitors anticorrosive effect studied at different temperatures and 10mM concentration. The corrosion rate of metal absence and presence of inhibitors were determined gravimetric methods,” they explain. “The corrosion current density and inhibitors polarization effect was studied by potentiostat.”

To read the full article, please email Catarina Muia at for the PDF. 

Image courtesy of the Northern Miner