Improved stainless steel crane system

10 September 2018

Keppel LeTourneau has released an Anti-Two Block system (A2B) that can be modified to fit most cranes in the market. Weighing under 50 lbs and with a compact body, the newly designed A2B can be installed on all LeTourneau cranes and is customizable to other brands upon request.
It has an expected lifespan of more than 10 years and is made of forged stainless steel and high-impact polymer to resist corrosion. The A2B utilizes a dual chain suspension system that ensures it is highly resistant to spinning, thereby preventing it from being dragged up by the wire rope. In addition, the wide stabilizing arms cater for high winds, and pitch and roll motions. The A2B is equipped with versatile and reliable sensors. The redundant NAMUR proximity sensors are integrated in an easily replaceable cap, and the activation of limit sensors is not dependent on chain length or weight unlike other A2B designs.  

Image courtesy of Keppel LeTourneau