Worldwide LNG prospects

07 August 2018

In his technical article, Global gas glut chills prospects for LNG, James Chater writes, “At the time of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) boom (the decade or so leading up to the early 2000s), liquefying natural gas and shipping it to the other side of the world seemed a good idea. That was before the Americans figured out a way to unlock their shale gas resources and bring them to market. This led to cheaper gas prices, which is good for the consumer but bad for the upstream oil and gas industry. Profits from the current crop of LNG projects will be lower than hoped for. However, this is partially offset by the rapid growth in the market for LNG as a fuel in shipping and in on land transport.”

To read his full article on this subject, please contact Candace Allison at to request a PDF.

Photo caption: The Methane Kari Elin LNG vessel is part of BG Group’s core fleet of LNG ships. Built in 2004 she has a gross capacity of 138 267cm.