ISSF’s new brochure on martensitic SS

05 December 2017

The international Stainless Steel Forum has just published a new brochure about martensitic stainless steels (SS), which would be suitable for producers, stockists and end-users. 

The brochure outlines how martensitic stainless steels are known for their excellent strength to weight ratio, strong corrosion resistance and hardness. For all of these reasons they are suitable for a wide variety of applications including knife steels because the material can hold a sharp edge. 

The pamphlet includes research and information on both the current and potential applications as well as a technical introduction to the material. There are even testimonials from producers who discuss its value.

For your copy please visit the ISSF website.

The martensitic stainless steel in the photo is being used for a turbine blade. 

Photo courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific