Alloy Wire launches new 'wire finder' app

14 July 2017

Alloy Wire International (AWI), a manufacturer of exotic nickel alloys that has 3 locations in the Americas, has spent the last four months developing an interactive database of all of its materials, their properties and their applications, which is now available on computers, mobile phones and tablets.

The web-based app, which has been developed by technical experts, aims to allow users to search for the type of wire they need by industry sector (e.g. aerospace, oil & gas and nuclear) or by application solution, such as high strength, sub-zero temperature, heat, corrosion and water resistance.

“We’ve got over 60 different nickel alloys in stock at any one time and we need to make sure our clients get the material that best suits their manufacturing requirements. The app will help them do just that,” explained Mark Venables, Managing Director.