HFT new Backing Tape for weld backing applications

14 March 2016

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT), global manufacturers of weld purging technologies, with operations in Argentina, Canada, Chili and the US, have extended their range of purging products to include a new Weld Backing Tape for the backing of welds, where purging is required. When welding sheets, pipes, tanks and other vessels made from metals such as stainless, carbon, duplex and chrome steels, it is important to support weld roots and provide even profiles.

Weld Backing Tape is a glass fiber weld backing system that supports and protects the weld root from oxidation. It traps the inert gas from the weld torch to hold the gas surrounding the weld pool, effectively providing a back purge facility. HFT Backing Tape is compatible with MIG, TIG (GTAW) or Plasma (PAW) for the joining of all metals.